In the past two decades, the project – organised without any institutional background – has undergone enormous development and has become one of the region’s most significant design and all-arts events.

The initiative focuses on interoperability between genres and themes. Its name reflects its internationality, regional dialogue, European unity and the influence of individual art forms on each other. The organisers’ express intention is to present the broad interpretation possibilities of design: by broadening the concept, they focus on the creative approach and innovation. In accordance with the practice of previous years, the presented works, projects, and objects combine the most diverse fields – design, visual arts, fine art and performing arts.

In addition to series-produced pieces, small-batch series of furniture and accessories, prototypes, and even experimental pieces are included too. What’s more, visitors can also find one-off works, object / material experiments and artworks on the borderline between design and fine art. Many invited artists deal with current social and ecological issues such as sustainability or social responsibility.

The selection includes the works of different generations, from university students in their twenties to career-starters, through defining, internationally recognized mid-generation designers to mature artists in their nineties.

The exhibitions accompanied by wholesome programmes, guided tours, concerts, and film screenings.

The founding curators of the exhibition are interior designer Tamás Radnóti and textile designer Szilvia Szigeti.